PROFILING-The Educationist


 The aim of this project is to produce a templet for collegian student identification which will simply be tailored to be used in any programme, thereby facilitating the adoption of identification throughout the University.

Student identification could be a career-long procedure whereby students develop and maintain a documentary record of their learning experiences. properly enforced,  identification ought to kind the core of every student’s management of their own learning. identification has been projected (for example by the HEFCE funded Science Education improvement and Development programme) as some way of rising students’ ability to require responsibility for his or her own learning, and of marshaling a portfolio of documented expertise that students will use in seeking employment when finishing their studies.

 The end results of this project are a “profiling pack”, comprising all the documentation and materials needed for the identification of 1 student for the length of their tutorial career. Departments are able to use the identification pack “as is” or are able to adapt it in accordance with any distinctive needs of their course. as an example, every course’s identification pack might build a relation to specific things from that course’s skills map.